Thoughtful Thursday!

Today is Thursday but I like to call it thoughtful Thursday. Friday is just around the corner and we’re all busy trying to get everything done before the week is over. That’s why I challenge everyone to stop. Make today thoughtful Thursday.

It doesn’t take long but the impact can be significant and long-term.

In five minutes (or less) you can do something to nurture a relationship with a client, potential client or referral source.  Here are a few suggestions.

·      Call a client you haven’t done work for in a while to see how business is and suggest lunch or coffee in the coming weeks.

·      Email a potential client to follow up on a recent conversation or to provide information relevant to their business.

·      Write a note to a referral source to thank them for their referrals and confidence in your firm.

·      Go on LinkedIn and share good content posted by a referral source

·      Make a recommendation on LinkedIn.

The options are endless but your time is limited. Don’t overthink it. You know who your key clients and referral sources are.  Select one and just do it. But be thoughtful and intentional.

What will you do to reach out in a thoughtful way? Share your ideas with us in the comment section.